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Acaislim Review

Acaislim claims that you can drop up to 20 pounds by detoxifying your systems with their miracle product. They focus on quite a bit of the hype surrounding acai and say it is the #1 superfood. Actually Oprah and Dr Perricone never named a #1 superfood, just the top 10. But this is an advertising tactic. They cite all the news outlets that have covered acai, in a way hoping you will assume it was their product that was covered, and they also hope you will get distracted by all the pretty colors in so many words. THey are also hoping you won’t notice the expensive auto ship hiding behind what they present as a “free trial offer.”

How Does Acaislim Work?

Acaislim does not actually provide all their ingredients. They only leave you assuming that they use acai. Unfortunately, they don’t have any actual weight loss or cleansing ingredients in general, and so you could not possibly see the results they talk about.

Acai -acai is a superfruit that has some vitamins, minerals, and potent antioxidants. What it does not have is fat burning benefits, cleansing benefits, etc. It is found in a concentrate, and while if you ate the real fruit, you might be able to incorporate it into a healthier diet, it spoils faster tand therefore you won’t get it outside of Brazil.

Acaislim Side Effects

Unless you are allergic to acai, there are no side effects with the named ingredients. However, we would question what the other ingredients are that they have at this time.

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