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Acai Cenalex Review

Acai Cenalex
Acai Cenalex has to be one of the most popular and common “free trial offer” scams currently available. Why? Because unlike other similar products, Acai Cenalex is advertised through major TV infomercials, which most people see at some point or another and most get excited by at some point or another. After all, some of the dumbest, but seemingly the most essential things we own come from infomercials. How else would products like the Snuggie or Magic Bullet have reached the masses? But let’s take an objective look at Acai Cenalex.

How Does Acai Cenalex Work?

Acai Cenalex uses a blend based on the popular and hyped up acai berry. I’m not saying that popular ingredients don’t work. After all, green tea is one of the most popular ingredients, and green tea has been clinically proven through hundreds of positive clinical studies proving it to be a fat burner and antioxidant in one! And the better news is that Acai Cenalex has green tea.

But ironically, Acai Cenalex uses only a fraction of the amounts actually required to burn fat, and the key ingredient is acai, a common Brazilian fruit that has no weight loss properties whatsoever! The other ingredients in Acai Cenalex are not as popular, and unfortunately, none of those ingredients promote any weight loss results at all! But just take a look for yourself, keep reading below.

Guarana – Guarana can be used to enhance natural energy levels. But clinical studies have all shown that even though guarana does have caffeine, it does not promote fat burning or weight loss.

Acai berry – Acai is a popular fruit that is rich in healthy vitamins, antioxidants, and other healthy nutrients. But unfortunately, acai berry does not actually lead to weight loss results.

L-theanine – L-theanine is a popular amino acid that feeds muscles, and it can also improve mood and brain function. But it does not promote weight loss results.

Green tea – Green tea is a popularly used fat burner that also comes with healthy antioxidant benefits. It can be used to promote weight loss or maintain weight more easily. But it requires at least 400mg to do so.

Chromium picolinate – Chromium picolinate has been used to control blood glucose levels, and it can help many to control problems with pre diabetes. But chromium has not been successfully used for weight loss or fat burning.

Free Trial Offer Scam

As I mentioned above, Acai Cenalex is a “free trial offer” scam. Free trial offers give consumers a total of 14 days to use the product, and that includes the 7 days of shipping and handling time. But after that, Acai Cenalex starts charging the credit card you used to pay for “shipping and handling” $79.95 a month! Consumers have lodged complaints about unwarranted charges, a company that won’t cancel orders, no refunds, etc. But reviews do not say anything about Acai Cenalex being an amazing fat burner.

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