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Acai Burn Review

Acai Burn
Apparently using the “secret of the Amazon”, Acai Burn features itself as “Hollywood’s Hottest New Diet” specifically picturing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but not actually featuring a written testimonial. Like other acai based products, they make these claims, hoping you won’t realize that those celebrities may have used acai, but not their product. They also claim to use clinical studies, actually producing one legitimate study on one major weight loss compound which uses garcinia cambogia, chromium polynicotinate, and gymnema sylvestre. But for the most part, they focus on the supposed benefits of acai.

How Does it Work?

Their main weight loss compound works to increase fat burning, lower cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, and decrease BMI in general. When used in the right amounts, which consists of 1500mg garcinia cambogia, 75mg gymnema sylvestre, and 250mcg chromium polynicotinate. We suspect that Acai Burn may well use the right amount of polynicotinate. But they are unlikely to use enough of the other two as a microgram is significantly smaller and therefore less expensive than even 1mg. So you will not see results as on its own, chromiumd does not promote weight loss. Their other listed ingredient, acai, is a powerful antioxidant. However, in studies, it has not actually been proven to promote weight loss at all, let alone the significant weight loss they talk about. It doesn’t have any of the effects really that they boast.

Chromium picolinate-meant to control and regulate blood sugar levels to keep them from randomly spiking and then falling, chromium has been used successfully in combination with certain other ingredients to promote weight loss. However, on its own the effect is minor at best. It generally requires about 200mcg.

Gymnema sylvestre-meant to control blood sugar levels for the most part, this can promote more weight loss in certain combinations. However, on its own, the results are not as significant as you might hope.

Garcinia cambogia-typically requiring about 1500mg, this can produce a certain fat burning and weight loss effect. However, it’s more effective when combined with gymnema sylvestre and chromium.

Acai-though featured on various news stations and otherwise, it is not actually the most powerful superfruit at all or even among them. It is lower in antioxidants than something as basic as a blueberry. But it’s from Brazil. It definitely does not promote cleansing or weight loss benefits.

Acai Burn Side Effects

There are no side effects commonly associated with Acai Burn.

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