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Abdominal Cuts Active For Women Review

Abdominal Cuts Active For Women

Revolution Labs line of Abdominal Cuts formulas continues with their female formula designed for active women. If you’re familiar with the Abdominal Cuts line of diet pills, you’re familiar with their approach to weight loss, which is to target the stubborn belly fat so many people seem to be stuck with. Of course this appeals to women, especially those mothers who know how difficult losing that baby weight can be. Active is supposed to help you lose the belly fat because it blocks the effect of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is released as a result of stress and can force fat to be stored within the midsection. So this sounds like a great formula, right? But does it actually work? Let’ take a deeper look at theis Abdominal Cuts formula.

How Does Abdominal Cuts Active for Women Work?

The interesting thing about Abdominal Cuts Active for Women is the fact that cortisol can be blocked with the right ingredients in the right amounts. Unfortunately, Active is a proprietary blend, so even though it contains some ingredients proven to help with fat loss, there’s no way to know if it contains the right amounts of the ingredients. Without that key ionformation, it’s difficult to know if this is just another over-hypded, poorly formulated diet pill. Take a look at the ingredients and you’ll notice some winners, but it’s impossible to know if the formula is a winner.


CLA – This compound is found naturally as a result of the bacteria in the stomach of a cow acting on the linoleic acid and isn’t actually even recommended for weight loss. This formula could contain a high amount of CLA and very small amounts of the other ingredients. CLA just isn’t used in a great way for the body and can even alter the benefits of essential fatty acids.

DHA – DHA is actually one of the ingredients found in Abdominal Cuts Active formula with a proven track record of helping enhance cardiovascular health, memory, mood, learning, bone health and the list goes on. DHA is a chain of omega 3 fatty acid. Studies show the right amounts of DHA can suppress the accumulation of triglycerides in fat to prevent the cells from expanding and slowing the metabolic process. DHA increase cellular insulin sensitivity to promote better fitness of white adipose tissue (stomach fat falls into this category).

Phosphatidylserine – The main benefit of this compound is to speed recovery, while it has been shown to help in the calorie-burning process, it isn’t a great weight loss ingredient. Interestingly enough, this is one ingredient we do know how much is in the Active formula, but, don’t be fooled, it’s not a great weight loss ingredient.

Other Ingredients in the proprietary blend include MCT, Sesamin, Arachidonic Acid, Stearidonic Acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12.

Abdominal Cuts Active for Women Side Effects

If there are any side effects at all with this formula it would be surprising because it hasn’t been developed with any stimulants. The all-natural formula should be safe without any side effects being reported.

Product Conclusion

Our overall impression of Abdominal Cuts Active for Women might actually be lower than the impression we have of some of the other Abdominal Cuts formulas. This really lacks a punch and is only designed to combat weight and fat in a single way. It doesn’t even come with a guarantee. As the highest priced, Abdominal Cuts formula at $56 a bottle, we wouldn’t recommended this if you really want to lose weight. It’s possible it could work to help shave an inch or two off your waist, but you shouldn’t expect much else.

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