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17 Day Diet Review

17 Day Diet
You’ve tried every diet, and every diet is either too hard, or it just gets boring. If this sounds like you, the 17 Day Diet is not the diet for you. It sounds harsh, but I’ll say it now because you need to know. Yes, the 17 Day Diet is a good diet. I’ll explain if you keep reading. But I’ve seen this diet plan under at least 4 different names. It’s a low carb diet.

The original low carb diet was actually introduced in 1967 by Dr. Irwin Stillman who called it “The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet.” Most people have never heard of that one, it fell by the wayside. And Dr. Atkins actually published his first book in 1972! Again, he fell by the wayside, even after treating patients starting in 1960. It only became mainstream in the 1990’s when Dr. Atkins published “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution.”

During the 90’s and 2000’s, I don’t exaggerate when I say that low carb dieting swept the nation and took over the dieting industry. Everybody knew somebody using a low carb diet. But for every dieter who lost weight on a low carb diet, there was at least 5 dieters who failed…..miserably. The South Beach Diet is said to be the healthiest version. But scientific studies proved that it wasn’t the best diet, because again, human error, which threw creator Arthur Agaston into an uproar.

Why all of this information on low carb diets?

Because if you’ve tried any one of the mainstream low carb diets, which just about everybody has, you’ve already tried the 17 Day Diet. And if you remember how hard those diets were to follow, nothing has changed.

Why the 17 Day Diet Works

• It’s a low carb diet that cuts out storable carbs
• It restricts dieters to good fats and good proteins
• 17 Day Diet focuses on healthy vegetables and a balanced diet
• After phase 2, 17 Day Diet encourages 30-60 minutes of exercise
• 17 Day Diet includes a maintenance plan
• 17 Day Diet provides specific meal plans during phase 1 and 2
• It’s healthy for diabetics

Why 17 Day Diet Doesn’t Work

• Most people won’t read the whole book
• Most people have already tried and failed with other low carb diets
• The first 2 phases only require 17 minutes of exercise (it’s supposed to be cute)


The 17 Day Diet is healthy for diabetics and even heart patients. Whoopee! The 17 Day Diet is balanced, whoopee! You’ve already paid for the 17 Day Diet before……wait, that’s not so pretty. If you’ve never used a low carb diet before, $11.99 on Amazon is not that bad. But then again, I can find every detail of the South Beach Diet or any other low carb diet for free online. I don’t doubt that 17 Day Diet is effective. It’s just cost effectiveness that I question.

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